March 31, 2014

HTML Tables Tutorial

In this tutorial we learn how to code HTML tables, when to use tables to format our HTML content, when not to use them, and also how to add basic styling (via CSS) to our tabular data. If you would rather learn from a single, unified video course instead of individual one-off video tutorials check […]

May 5, 2012

How To Add an Image To a Web Page

In this video we learn how to insert an image into a web page by hand, using HTML code. We also learn how and why to use the β€œalt” attribute, and how to organize images into sub-folders. Quick Code Reference Notice there is no </img> end tag. This is because the <img> element is a […]

May 5, 2012

Learn Basic HTML Structure – How To Link Pages

In this video we learn the basic structure of an HTML file, and also, how to create hyperlinks. Viewers learn how to divide their HTML file into the and sections, and also get their first taste of HTML attributes by creating a hyperlink (href attribute). To view a written tutorial, see: HTML Attributes and Values: […]

May 5, 2012

Create Your First Web Page – For Absolute Beginners

In this video we learn how to create and save our first web page. The basic structure of HTML is covered and is intended to familiarize viewers with HTML before moving on to more advanced concepts. We create a heading (h1), paragraph (p) and an unordered list (ul). To view a full written tutorial, see: […]