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CSS is the language we use to add style to our websites and web applications. This includes color, typography, layout, and more! If HTML is how we create semantic, organized content then CSS is how we create beautiful content!

Written CSS Lessons

  1. CSS Lesson 1: What is CSS?
  2. CSS Lesson 2: How To Create Your First CSS File
  3. CSS Lesson 3: Basic CSS Selectors
  4. CSS Lesson 4: Understanding The Box Model Part 1: Padding
  5. CSS Lesson 5: Understanding The Box Model Part 2: Margin
  6. CSS Lesson 6: Shorthand Properties (Padding and Margin)

If you prefer to watch video lessons in an online classroom environment instead of reading written lessons check out my premium 8 hour video course and learn pro-level HTML, CSS, and responsive design.

Free CSS Video Lessons

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