My name is Brad and I am the author of Learn Web Code. I earn my living as a web developer and this site is my attempt at sharing my knowledge through accessible lessons, tips, and examples.

Primary Topics:
Learn HTML
Learn CSS
Learn JavaScript
Learn WordPress

That’s all for now. If you find this site useful please drop me a comment, or share this link with your friends (or post it on your blog).

Best wishes in your web-learning journeys,

About the Author

Brad Schiff

Brad Schiff is a front-end developer, designer, and educator who has been building user interfaces for over a decade. He’s done work for Fortune 500 companies, national political campaigns, and international technology leaders. His proudest achievement is helping people learn front-end web development.

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  1. Brad,
    I’m not a kid; I’ve been involved in advertising for over 45 years. My secure, 6-figure income came to an end in Mid-May 2008, just when the economy was beginning to exercise its worst downward spiral and it has remained bleak for me ever since. So I decided to turn my attentions to getting business over the internet and created websites using iWeb. I created CheapAdAgency.com as a way to get business in what I know best and monetized sites that include Skrumshis.com, Laptop-Locator.com, Wherz-it.com, and Siteenstein.com. I’ve always had help with pages that didn’t load correctly by teaming with coders at various times. This left me somewhat vulnerable to their whims and their time constraints, so I decided to learn Dreamweaver and thereby get a leg up on coding.

    “Daunting” is putting it mildly. “Nearly impossible to understand” is putting it mildly. Books by Garrick Chow, Dori Smith and Betsy Bruce were good, but I still didn’t have a learning breakthrough until I stumbled upon your site. It was quite an experience. Once I started to read that it was “like a sandwich”, you began teaching in the graphic way that I can understand. I have gone through all the basic lessons on your site and felt disappointed when they ended. I now know the structure, the selectors, and all the other stuff that forms the basic language for everything I read, all thanks to your style of teaching. I just thought that you deserved to know.

    Again, thanks. Barry S. Lee

    1. Hi Brad
      I’m also not a kid and I have a similar story to Barry.
      Good stuff and well taught. Together with the videos that you have posted on “Youtube” makes it comfortable to learn.
      Good man and I hope you are able to teach me much more.
      Many thanks Peter Pope

  2. Hi Brad

    As Barry mentioned I too think you teach in a way which makes learning seem alot easier than other methods I’ve tried.

    I don’t have much experience in web design at all but I would love to learn from scratch as I now am out of work so have time to learn.

    I would love to sit here and watch a tutorial where you build a full website as I want to create a simple WordPress theme and edit it to my liking and understand the way the style sheet links and works.

    PHP is another must for me as my friend wants me to help him develop his sites and I appreciate it will take me a while to understand it all.

    Anyways, enough of my typing. 10/10 for all you efforts sir.


  3. You teach like a professional teacher and you should be one too.

    You choose the right words, your vocabulary is very rich, in explaining difficult task which makes learning from you a piece a cake.

    I don’t have enough words to express your talent BUT i must say here that your are doing really great.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I really would like to thank you very much.
    I have been trying so many books and sources to understand these web design fundamentals and almost gave up until I came across your site.
    In just two days of reviewing your CSS section, I feel ready to take on more and start a mini-web project.
    I would like you to provide more information on principles that makes websites functional and appealing to viewers.
    Thanks once again.

  5. Your way of translating what seems to be the impossible into fluid liquid mind blowing energy is so refreshing, wonderful and at the same time a real pleasure which can easily make the student (me) become addicted to the topic at hand.

    I know PHP, SQL and HTML and have been wanting to learn this CSS, but never found a good video tutorial without the tutor having major faults, wether it be constant sniffling, cocky attitude, the I know CSS you dont indirect double talk, saying ah, ah, hhmm, hmm, more times than other words or simply taking the long winded route to get to the point.

    Your method of illustrating has sparked the fire to make me buy books and dig further into CSS although my time is limited due to a busy work schedule but thank you.

    You, Mr. Brad are a genius in your delivery and style and I cannot thank you enough for your time and effort that you have put into this venture. You have provided such a benificial and educative line of lessons that any one wanting to learn simply cannot fail.

    Thank you, thank you and thank you again.

  6. Hi Brad – thanks for the tutorials. Very helpful. Particularly when you highlight a tip that help us newbies greatly. You wanted feedback on future videos. I think if you could do a few video’s on responsive design that would be great. Seems to be mandatory now to ensure the CSS design is responsive to different devices.

    Also – are there one or more books you would recommend on CSS, that takes a newbie to expert in CSS ? And that highlight the tricks that the pro’s use, and address issues newbies find. Your CSS book recommendations would be very helpful to me,

    thanks again !


    1. Hi Sam,

      Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the tutorials! Well, apparently you are able to read my mind, because the very next video tutorial I have planned is titled “What is Responsive Web Design?”

      Secondly, in the coming weeks I am planning on adding a “Recommended Reading” section to this website, where I list (what I feel to be) the quintessential CSS / HTML books on the market today.

      Thanks again for the feedback, and I should have updates that address both of your requests online shortly!

      – Brad

  7. Hey Brad!

    I’m an aspiring coder and have been learning everything about computers through video tutorials over the past few years. I just recently stumbled upon yours when trying to brush up on my CSS, and they are AMAZING!

    You are professional, knowledgeable, and you have a gift for teaching – it really is awesome. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your videos.


    P.S. – I’ve consumed everything that you have on CSS. At the end of your Rounded Corners tutorial for CSS you mentioned jQuery, which happens to be another language I have been feeling out. I love your teaching style, and would like to learn from you if possible, so any videos on jQuery, PHP, or MySQL will be watched at least once by this guy! Thanks again for your hard work and wonderful skills – I’m a fan!

  8. Hi Brad
    I really enjoyed that. It was the first time that I had learnt html code from a text page were I had to read the content and follow it through. I have attempted several time with Youtube and even though they were good videos I felt much more at home with your style. I am looking forward to the next lessons and in the meantime I would like to thank you for the time and effort that you have put into these lessons. Thank you very much you’re a gem!

    1. Hi Peter,

      Thanks for the kind words! The videos seem to reach a wider number of people, so I really appreciate the feedback on the written lessons. I hope to create additional lessons in the future (covering HTML elements that I haven’t introduced yet, and also more advanced CSS concepts).

      Thanks again!

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    Best wishes Peter

  10. My day job includes working with a web editor program and a design template which has already been set up. So I have a basic understanding of HTML but of course at home I can’t afford anything like the software I use at work so haven’t a clue how to set up a website for my business I run from home. Like some of the other responders I have tried (and failed) to work through books etc. to get an idea of what to do. Now I’ve discovered your website I’m on my way. The lessons are easy to understand and work through, and Brad – I know there’s a place in HTML heaven for you.

  11. Your wordpress theme tutorials are the best i have found so far. I got very good knowledge in wordpress theme using your tutorials. I am looking forward for your other tutorials. Wordprees plugin development tutorials will be quite helpful. Thanks alot for great tutorials.

  12. Hi Brad,

    I’m a college student taking a Web Programming class. My boss thinks I’m a coding genius because of this class, but it only taught me the basics and I needed to know more to develo websites for clients. You teach in a way that’s very easy to understand and follow. One of my friends referred me to your YouTube page. It’s so much easier to understand than reading about HTML and CSS on W3Schools! Thank you for your awesome tutorials. Keep up the awesome work!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Racheal! Life is good when your boss thinks you’re a genius 🙂 Glad to hear the tutorials were helpful. Let me know if you have ideas / requests for new lessons.


  13. I’ve been tasked to rebrand our SharePoint site. A bit overwhelmed to say the least. I’m not a programmer and quite “clueless” on HTML and CSS but stumbled across this site. As another poster put it, you teach us in a graphic way and is exatly the way I like to learn. I have a long way to go but wanted to thank you for this resource.


  14. Thank you so much you helped me alot in my first steps to web developement world.
    when i become famous web developer someday i will mention your name dont worry 🙂

  15. You have a talent for teaching. Not bad at all, you make things understandable. Great job! I never ever subscribe: but I have to your site/channel.

  16. Hi Brad,
    Thank you very much for your easy and concise teaching style.
    Your tutorials have kept me in the game after considering giving up.
    Despite my enthusiasm I could never seem to find a path that led to a holistic understanding of WordPress until I found your tutorials.
    It’s coming together a lot faster now — after struggling for so long.
    Thanks again.

  17. Hello Brad!
    Greeting from Bhutan.
    It has been some time that I started learning WordPress and at every point I somehow couldn’t go forward. And recently I started using some free themes and it didn’t serve my purpose. I started searching on YouTube for WordPress theme development tutorial and there are lot. After watching some tutorials I couldn’t keep up but when I saw and watch your tutorial series it was eye opening. Having some background in html, css and php I could grab everything but I am sure the way you teach will make even a newbies wanting to getting into the subject.
    I like the way you organize your tutorial and your teaching, fabulous! Many thanks to you and keep up the good work. Good wishes

  18. Greetings Brad!
    Thank you very much for making some essential tutorials in relevant fields.You make the name “LearnWebCode” more than meaningfull by introducing effective tutorials.
    Really I learned many things from WordPress courses.
    Thanks once again

  19. I will just say thanks for wordpress theme tutorials
    Really good and clear tutorial thanks a lot

    you are excellent teacher… please make more videos 🙂

  20. Hello Brad,

    I’ve completed your course on Udemy. I simply just loved it! I’m not a native English speaker but I could understand everything from it regarding HTML and CSS. I’ve practiced a lot and can use most of what I’ve learned from you there.

    Now I”m watching your videos about WordPress you recommended at the and of that course. This is where I’m getting totally confused. It is all about PHP! Now it all seems to me like an other world again where I’m a stranger.

    When I finished your Udemy course I thought I’m ready to start to work with WP. Now I see nothing but you programming in PHP.? Your using tons of PHP codes in your videos and you talk about it like we should know them like you do.

    I’ve checked on you website but did not find anything from you regarding PHP programming. So I watched the Udemy course about HTML + CSS, now I’m watching the WP videos and have no idea at this moment, what to do. The way I see it, without learning those PHP coding, I can not do anything. At least this is what I think.

    Please help me to find out, how to proceed with all this from here.

    Best regards,


    1. Hello Zoltan,

      Thanks for the message! While I love WordPress I don’t want to force it on anyone. Please don’t feel as though you need to use WordPress. Having said that, I understand that PHP can be intimidating, but I’m confident you can work through it!

      You do not need to learn PHP before working with WordPress. The reason I don’t teach the basics of PHP first is because I don’t think we need to stop and be intimidated by learning a new language before we dive into WP. For the time being, try not to think about PHP as the full programming language that it is – try thinking about it simply as the WordPress template system that lets us generate dynamic HTML.

      My advice is to not worry about trying to understand what every bit of PHP is doing at first. Just copy the code you see in the lessons until you have an example on your computer that is working correctly, and then at that point you can try to dissect the code and understand why it works the way it does. You can also download the “Demo Zip” file for each WordPress lesson and use those completed files on your computer.

      Don’t be scared of PHP. We don’t need to become PHP programmers. We just need to use 1% of PHP so that we can leverage our HTML and CSS skills and build dynamic WordPress sites. I recommend trying to power through the WP lessons again and if you get stuck at a certain point just let me know!

    1. My two favorite resources are (1) Eloquent JavaScript (free eBook) and (2) Wes Bos created a “JavaScript 30” video course which is free. Googling for either should bring them up as the first result.

  21. Your way of teaching is very understandable and clear. Thumbs up for your efforts. I (and I think everyone who learned from you) have much regards for you as a good teacher. BEST TEACHER.

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