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Holistic Skills

Learn how to turn a mockup design into a living, breathing, interactive web app that’s powered by dynamic data that users can change.


In-Demand Tech

Learn how to make decisions and solve problems with code. From JavaScript to databases; you’ll accomplish real world tasks.

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BG 3 months ago

This course is a guiding light in the maze of web development. It caters to beginners and seasoned developers alike, offering a meticulously crafted journey from basics to advanced.

Photograph of KE

KE 5 months ago

Brad is a really good educator. Well thought out learning roadmap and steps. Unlike developers who just pour out their knowledge, he really focuses on his students’ assimilation.

Photograph of LC

LC 2 months ago

If you are new to JavaScript I totally recommend this course. Brad is a great teacher; he will make you understand the smallest things in the simplest way. Thank you Brad for making this course, I love your teachings.

Photograph of EC

EC 10 months ago

I took Brad's course on HTML and CSS and learned so much. I love his teaching style and how he always explains WHY we are learning something instead of just showing us how to do it. I will probably end up taking every course he has on here!

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