June 15, 2014

WordPress Tutorial for Beginners

This is the beginning of a series on WordPress. In this initial lesson we learn what WordPress is, why it’s so useful, and get a feel for what we’ll learn in upcoming lessons (admin screens, custom theme development).

Do you want to share the WordPress website that you’ve been creating on your computer with the world? The next step is to use a web host to share your site with the world. Learn about web hosts, my favorite one, and how to get a plan for only $5.78 per month.

About the Author

Brad Schiff

Brad Schiff is a front-end developer, designer, and educator who has been building user interfaces for over a decade. He’s done work for Fortune 500 companies, national political campaigns, and international technology leaders. His proudest achievement is helping people learn front-end web development.

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3 thoughts on “WordPress Tutorial for Beginners

  1. Hi I am a Professional Web developer.There are so many tutorials online for web developers.I meet them rare.But ‘Learnwebcode’
    is a website which contains video tutorials are very effective for beginners as well as intermediates. A web developer if he/she is a beginner should learn html,css,javascript,jQuery and CMS at least WordPress. Learnwebcode provides all of them
    with explanation. It also contain some special videos on every series,for instance “sticky naviagation bar” is a needy staff for developers.If you are a beginner or intermediate follow tutorials step by step,I am sure you learn something different.Thanks.

  2. You are very good and very knowledgeable; however you need to show a master sheet of how the code should look, so that the student knows exactly what his finished program looks like, especially before moving on to the next lesson, since one topic seems to build on the next.

    You could even stop at each crucial point of each lesson and remind them that this is what your code should look like AND on what page it should be on, NO disrespect but sometimes you go to fast.

  3. I recently started to learn WordPress and came across YouTube videos of WordPress theme development. I would like to thank you for this wonderful playlist. It was simple to follow and was informative enough for me to get started in WordPress world. Thanks for sharing this.

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